Letter to the Press – Education… no one’s listening!

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2019

Deputy Rob Prow & I wrote this letter to the editor in response to an opinion piece by Nick Mann. We feel like Cassandra warning of the folly of letting in the Wooden Horse at Troy. They didn’t listen to her either. Guernsey’s education system is being unravelled in pursuit of ideology and it is being done with appalling haste … Read More

No we won’t answer your Questions Deputy Dudley-Owen….

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2019


The first day of our States Meeting today was a frustrating affair, nothing constructive has come out of it, just lots of angst, building distrust and with no straight answers. With what is increasingly looking like a very messy Governance review process sponsored by the P & R Committee and some clumsy sidestepping of my Rule 11 Questions by the … Read More

One left under the Christmas Tree

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2019


The week before Christmas my husband & I received a letter from Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of Education Sport & Culture (ESC) informing parents what uniform our children would be wearing in the years ahead. I took my outrage…., as this was out of kilter with a Happy Christmas, Goodwill to all men and that…, I decided to wrap it … Read More