No we won’t answer your Questions Deputy Dudley-Owen….

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2019


The first day of our States Meeting today was a frustrating affair, nothing constructive has come out of it, just lots of angst, building distrust and with no straight answers. With what is increasingly looking like a very messy Governance review process sponsored by the P & R Committee and some clumsy sidestepping of my Rule 11 Questions by the … Read More

One left under the Christmas Tree

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2019


The week before Christmas my husband & I received a letter from Deputy Matt Fallaize, President of Education Sport & Culture (ESC) informing parents what uniform our children would be wearing in the years ahead. I took my outrage…., as this was out of kilter with a Happy Christmas, Goodwill to all men and that…, I decided to wrap it … Read More