Shining a light with Rule 14 Questions

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2018

In response to numerous concerns raised with me about recent senior level appointments made into the Education Office, I have submitted Rule 14 Questions to the Committee for Education Sport & Culture. The responses that they give will be a matter of public record.

The appointments of a Director of Education and Deputy Director of Education are very important and significant, never more so than at a time where such profound and controversial changes are being made to our local Education system. The nature of the appointments and the way in which they have been conducted has raised queries and requires scrutiny.

To satisfy Rule 14, questions must be sent to the Bailiff, HM Procureur and the Committee. Responses must be made within 15 clear days of receipt and a copy of both questions and responses will be made public via the Greffe and the website.

Below are the questions as I have submitted them to the Committee on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

“I submit the following questions and would be grateful to receive the written responses of the Committee for Education Sport & Cultures in accordance with Rule 14 of the Rules of Procedure Handbook.

In relation to the role of Director of Education:

  1. The role of the Director of Education had been vacant for since before the current Committee members took their seats in February 2018. When was the job role for the position of Director of Education first advertised?
  2. How many responses were received in total and how many were locally based applicants from the teaching profession or currently in the Civil Service?
  3. Andrew Warren was appointed as a non-voting Member of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture in February 2018. Mr Warren also sat as a member on the recruitment panel for the appointment of the Director of Education. Did Mr Warren take part in approving a) the role requirements b) the terms and conditions of the appointment?
  4. On what date did the panel meet the applicants and on what date did they decide the suitability of these applicants?
  5. Did Mr Warren vote against the appointment of each of the applicants for the role?
  6. Did Mr Warren offer himself as an applicant for the role, or was he asked. And if the latter by whom? Had this been agreed by the Committee in advance and if so on what date?
  7. Having found no suitable applicant, which members of the panel were involved in making the decision to appoint Mr Warren to the role of Director of Education?
  8. Had Mr Warren ever been asked at any time, by any member of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture to consider putting himself forward for the role prior to the job role being advertised, either before he was appointed as a non-voting member or after that appointment?

In relation to the role of Deputy Director of Education:

  1. What is the title of the role that Mrs Roughsedge has been appointed to?
  2. Was this role created for Mrs Roughsedge or was this an existing role which has been vacated by a previous member of staff?
  3. If the latter, why did the previous member of staff leave?
  4. If this role was created for Mrs Roughsedge what are her specialist skills that prevent anyone else from carrying out the role?
  5. What grade does this role carry?
  6. Who drafted the role specification for this position and who determined the terms and conditions?
  7. Was this role advertised amongst the Civil Service or teaching staff?
  8. If so, on what date and how many applicants applied?
  9. If not, why not?
  10. On what date was Mrs Roughsedge appointed to the role?
  11. Will Mrs Roughsedge return to her position as Headteacher of Les Beaucamps in September 2019?
  12. Had Mrs Roughsedge previously applied for the vacant position of Director of Education?
  13. Who was on the appointment panel that approved Mrs Roughsedge’s recruitment for this role?
  14. Is it intended that Mrs Roughsedge will take over from the current Director of Education once his temporary contract ends in 2019?”