The Issues of concern to most of us are dealt with by the Principal Committees of the States which are listed below.

Other Committees

Below for your information I have listed other Committees which deal both with policy and operational matters.

  • Policy & Resources

    This is the bridge of the ship which guides the States. We have here seasoned individuals who provide look at putting in place policies relating to: leadership and co-ordination of States work; fiscal and financial resources, external relations; and other delegated functions.

  • Development & Planning Authority

    This committee deals with, amongst other things, land policy and administration of planning, development applications and control.

  • Civil Contingencies

    Members are Presidents of P&R, Environment, Health & Social Care & Home Affairs. They are responsible for a framework for civil protection.

  • Overseas Aid & Development Committee

    Administration and distribution of funds for the purposes of aid & development overseas.

  • Transport Licensing Authority

    Responsible for the regulation and licensing of transport services in Guernsey, including the issuing of air route licences. Deputy Barry Paint is President of this Committee.

  • Scrutiny Management

    Providing the required check on States Committees by challenging and scrutinising of actions and decisions. Before the restructure this function was undertaken by the Public Accounts Committee. It will also give advice and support in relation to legislative functions and reporting on schemes related to the General Synod. The President of this Committee is Deputy Chris Green.

  • States Assembly & Constitution Committee

    Commonly known as SACC this committee is responsible for the rules governing the constitiution of the States of Deliberation. This ranges from the seating order in the Chamber to post-Election inductions relating to the structure of government for elected Deputies and various other areas relating to the operational functions of the States.

  • States Trading & Supervisory Board

    This committee is responsible for overseeing the actions and promoting the policies relating to the States trading organisations, such as the Harbours, Diary, Waste, Water, CI Lottery. It also delivers the operational functions relating to the Shareholder functions and duties in respect of these trading companies as well as management and administration of all States owned, leased property and real estate. The President of this Committee is Barry Paint.