On 27th April 2016 Western Voters elected me as one of their 5 people’s Deputies.

I am standing again in 2020 and asking for your support, Islandwide, to re-elect me as your Deputy.

I am representative of many Island families, working hard in my business to help pay household and family expenses. Like you, I want my taxes spent on policies that are Guernsey centred, cost effective, efficiently managed and necessary.

Historically, we are resourceful people with numerous self employed, small businesses, both in trades and, now collectively, in finance. Our innovation and resilience are key elements in keeping our economy growing in troubling times and must be supported by government at all levels. Unregulated increases in the population do not guarantee economic benefits in the long term for our over-crowded island.

Only by good housekeeping can we put in place some of the excellent agreed policies to deal with our ageing population and to help less able people.

I pledge to work diligently with integrity and honesty. Families are currently under-represented in the States. By voting for me you now have one more person in the States who understands your perspective and the impact of decisions on major issues such as schooling, transport and population.

We need an inclusive, listening government that works smartly and efficiently with guidance and assistance from its people. There needs to be an increase in real community engagement and co-operation as well as an enhanced level of compassion in policy making. I want to work to make life in Guernsey the best it can be for everyone

A healthy Guernsey is based on the outcomes in these areas:
Economic Diversity | Education | Affordable Housing | Fairer Tax | Efficient Government

Milly is a invaluable member of the Douzaine and will make an equally invaluable Deputy in the States.” Richard Heaume, MBE, Dean of the Forest Douzaine.

Thanks to my Proposer Connie Helyar-Wilkinson, of the Catel and Peter Gillson, of the Vale for the 2020 Island Wide Election.

Thanks to my Proposer Jessica Roland, of Torteval, and Seconder Peter Martel, of St Pierre du Bois, for putting their faith in me before others for the Western District Election 2016. 

What I do for you?

There is no clear definition of a Deputy’s rôle. This is one of the anomalies of our system. Fundamentally, as a people’s Deputy I am here to represent your interests in the States of Guernsey and to contribute to the formation of island policy. These policies arise from the principal Committees which Deputies sit on.

You, the people who live in Guernsey, are at the heart of all my decisions. I am driven by by our people’s and our island needs.

If you have any concerns about any of the States decisions which impact you please do get in touch.