Tax has never been more of a taxing topic!

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2018

Yesterday, Friday 30th June the States of Deliberation broke up for it’s Summer holiday. Don’t panic though….that doesn’t mean that work stops. Far from it. Committee meetings continue, sub-committee meetings, presentations, constituent enquiries, etc all carry on .. business as usual during the summer. The States as a group though has a summer recess and next meets on 6th September. … Read More

Motion of No Confidence in Committee

dudleyowenDeputy's Blog 2017

I sit on 2 Committees in the States, one is for Economic Development and the other Education Sport & Culture. Following the recent debate in November 2016 about whether or not to retain selection at 11  a vote of no confidence was threatened by a group of 7 Deputies in an attempt to oust the current Committee for Education Sport … Read More